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May 18th 2024

Forms and Info

Admission Pricing

Adventurer: $50.00

Commoner: $20.00

Full Time NPC: Free

Adventurer Alt: $20.00 per
Commoner Alt: $5.00

Extra Radiance: $10.00 (max 4)

Vendor Table: $20.00 (5x5 space)

Premium Accommodations: TBA

About the Game

Join us for a weekend of Live Action Roleplay! Our game events run full weekends- Friday evening (usually starting around 9PM) running through Sunday at noon. The theme of the game is Medieval High Fantasy and it features magic, combat, and roleplay.


We offer two different types of event tickets- Adventurer and Commoner. Adventurers may partake in all aspects of the game, have 3 lives, and can participate in combat. Commoners are aimed at those who want a more laid back, or less demanding experience. Being limited in many ways, their engagement with game systems and rules is reduced. Anyone just looking to be a part of the world to add flavor and immersion without risking combat or worrying too much about rules mechanics is encouraged to play a Commoner. It is also a fantastic ways to test out the game or bring friends and family into the world

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