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Minerva Download

.minerva is a Flash Local Shared Object editor built based on theAMF3 specification and theAMF0 specification. .minerva is capable ofreading and writing all known data types successfully. Tested against modern browsers and was built using Chrome 38 and Firefox 32.

Minerva Download

Download File:

You can normally download alternative formats for the following file types: PDF, Word, Powerpoint, OpenOffice/LibreOffice and uploaded HTML. There are some exceptions, for example, occasionally alternative formats will not be available for copyright reasons.

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Ok, I need some help. I downloaded the Minerva installer, yet when I try to actually install it, it tells me I have to free up 2,000,000+ MB of disk space, and brings me back to step one. I have 2.12 TB of free space. Whats more strange is that when I do delete some files, the amount of data I have to free goes up. Wat do?

For security, Minerva uses the Secure Shell (ssh) protocol and Two Factor authentication. Unix systems typically have an ssh client already installed. Windows systems can download one of several ssh clients that are available for free such as PuTTY.

All users can login to Minerva cluster via ssh to As a part of our HIPAA compliance activities, we need to shut down the external gateway access to Minerva. The High Performance Computing team has made adjustments so that all users can connect to internal login nodes, thus all users will need a VPN account for off-campus login. Please refer to here for details.

MINERVA will run on any software platform as it only relies on Java being installed. You will need to have a version of Java installed later than version 5. Please visit to check your installation and update if needed. If asked, select the option to open the ".jnlp" file with "javaws", from within your Java installation. The software requires downloading files from a server, so please make sure your firewall will not block the download. The server may get busy, so please be patient. If you have very long download times, or any other problems, please feel free to contact us. MINERVA is a masterclass tool for students to learn more about the ATLAS experiment at CERN. It is based on a simplified setup of the ATLAS event display, Atlantis, which allows users to visualise what is happening in the detector. The aim is to look at ATLAS events and try to recognise what particles are seen in the detector. There are tutorial events, then a selection of events to categorise and final a search for the Higgs! The project is a joint venture between the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) and the University of Birmingham.

A proof of enrolment letter is an official letter signed by the University Registrar listing the academic terms in which a student was registered. It is available for download from Minerva as a PDF, which can be printed or saved.

Letters for immediate download: You have access to downloadable letters (e.g. sessional dates, remote instruction, language of instruction at McGill, accreditation) in PDF format with the Registrar's signature and Enrolment Services stamp. Visit the Service Point website to view all the available letters.

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Turnitin have confirmed that they are working on resolving this issue as soon as possible, but in the meantime multiple files can still be downloaded using Mozilla Firefox, or alternatively you can continue to download single files using Internet Explorer by selecting the file icon to the right of the assignment title.


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