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Jeff Wright
Jeff Wright

Elusiva Terminal Server Pro BEST Keygenl

As we all know, XP is dead. The owner has already shot down the idea of an actual legit terminal server, so I need to find another similar software, to run on Windows 7 Pro, for use as a Remote Desktop Server.

Elusiva Terminal Server Pro Keygenl

The point is, that regardless of the OTHER software used, if you access the virtualized Windows session (as in terminal server solution) or a virtualized desktop (a in VDI) you must comply with MS licensing terms. So, whatever VDI suite or "terminal server alternative" you are using you still have to buy appropriate MS licenses - Server CALs, RDS CALs, VDA or SA etc. At the end, the full licensing cost of those alternative solutions is at least as high as cost of "pure MS" solution - cause you have to buy BOTH Microsoft AND the other party (GraphOn, Citrix, ) - unless you of course go for a Linux desktop VDI ;)

I've completed the installation of TrueCafe in the main cafe - 19 PCs (1 left on old system). Just configured the wi-fi installation Is works great. The software is worth installing for the wifi alone. The change over went fairly smooth.The customers like it. Best features I like are: 1. Pre-paid printing - this has brought in more money for me as print are not left and not paid for. 2. WiFi- This is a new option I can offer customers. 3. Customers can change there own password - kids are always asking to change their password because they thinksomone else is using their account. This save time for the operator. 4. Shutdown idle PCs - This is handy at the end of the evening. Previous system you had to do each one or ALL PCs. 5. The view termal screen with a refresh interval is good. Old system you had to manuall refresh screen and it froze the screen somtimes. 6. Profiles for terminals - I had to configure each PC before, now they can be changed from the server. 7. Excellent support all the way through the installation.Brendan Murphy (CTC),Park Business Centre, Park Road, Waterford, Ireland 350c69d7ab


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