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Truck Simulator Real APK: Drive Trucks in Different Scenarios and Customise Them

Similar to Euro Truck Evolution, which also happens to be made by the same developer, the main focus in Truck Simulator USA is to provide a realistic trucking experience with 3D models and detailed truck interiors, all while taking in the scenery of not only the USA but also of Canada and Mexico.

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As its name implies, this trucking simulator will let you explore multiple locations in the USA, but you will be able to parts of Canada and Mexico, complete with various terrain and weather conditions. You can choose between tilt or a virtual wheel for controls, and you can even enable manual transmission with a shifter and clutch.

Overall, Truck Simulator USA is a good trucking simulator that provides a decent experience similar to that of its PC counterparts. There various locations to explore and various truck brands to drive around in. While the overall performance could use more work, this game is one of the best of its kind for mobile devices.

The simulator has high-quality and detailed graphics and controls, which will allow you to get the most realistic truck driving experience. There is also a first-person view from the interior of the truck. Complete different cargo transportation and delivery missions, drive freely around the city and highways, and discover new types of trucks.

Universal Truck Simulator is a video game from Dualcarbon-Games. It is a truck driving game that allows you to drive various models across a large map based in western Germany. The game is free to download and is playable offline.

Universal Truck Simulator brings a next-gen simulation experience for its players. More than realistic locations and trucks, the game also offers realistic physics, day/night, and weather. Moreover, it allows you to customize your trucks or upgrade their parts. However, note that it requires driving knowledge as it has no tutorial. Additionally, you cannot customize leased vehicles.

In this truck simulator, players can get behind the wheels of various truck models and drive around a large map. As mentioned, it is set in western Germany, featuring real-life locations, including Munich, Ebersberg, Vorderiss, Autobahn, and the beautiful Bavarian mountain range. It also lets you drive European and American trucks split into various axle formations. As with other driving sims, your goal is to deliver cargo to different locations.

As you get more jobs done, you can buy and expand your garage with total freedom. You can also customize the trucks and trailers you purchase, including their skin. The game brings a realistic simulation experience. Besides the map, it also boasts realistic driving physics and weather. It even has realistic physical damage and truck body deformation on collision. However, the app is prone to crashing.

Overall, Universal Truck Simulator is a game worth trying out if you like driving games. It has simple gameplay typical of driving games. It also offers a wide selection of trucks you can drive and locations you can explore. Additionally, it gives you total freedom with its customization. However, as it aims to bring realistic experience, knowledge in driving is required to avoid damaging your truck often.

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Apart from the business element of the game, there are several reviews that suggest that the title is soothing. This truck simulator offers the opportunity to see the American roads because of its lifelong landscape. ATS helps people to learn their trucking and company skills along with creative travel experiences. Know how to buy enormous goods, hire workers and repay loans.

Truck enthusiasts and truck driver wannabes are in for a treat with the Cargo Transport Simulator game app. This simulation game gives players a chance to drive various types of trucks across a massive, open world map. The software comes with various, well-detailed truck models with fully modeled interiors that you can choose from. First-time players will start with the classic venerable truck that they can upgrade by delivering trailers and earning money. You can also work your way to owning a company as you progress in the game. Cargo Transport Simulator is designed with a realistic physics, and dynamic day and night feature as well as lively AI traffic system for a more real-life feel. It also offers different controls, including buttons, tilt, sliders, and steering wheel. The game offers competitive online challenges to test your driving skills and keep you entertained.

One of the best things about Euro Truck Simulator 2 is its world-class graphics. The level of detail is incredible, and the game world feels alive. The trucks are also well-rendered, and you can see many realistic features such as headlights, taillights, and mirrors.

This game features realistic truck physics, which makes driving feel authentic. The trucks react realistically to acceleration, braking, and cornering. You must be careful not to roll your truck over by taking corners too fast.

Aside from the entrepreneurial aspect of the game, a lot of reviews imply that the title is relaxing. Due to the lifelike scenery, this truck simulator provides the ability to experience American roads. Along with imaginative travel opportunities, ATS allows people to practice their trucking and business skills. Get familiar with purchasing immense items, hiring people, and reimbursing loans.

Truck Simulator PRO Europe is most advanced and best driving simulation game on android devices. Drive best trucks in the game with real-life manual clutch, shifting and steering feature. Upgrade trucks and improve their performance. There are 8 different powerful trucks and easily customize them. Hold the business and make profit in the game.

There are 8 hyper-realistic and high quality trucks available in the game. Unlock and drive these trucks and customize them easily in the game. Upgrade engine, wheels and other parts of your truck and improve performance. Become the best truck driver in the game. There are hundreds of different quests available. Complete these quests and earn rewards within the game.

The controls are just like real-life. The game features realistic control with manual clutch system. Shifting and Steering wheel feature is also available in the game. The best first person view to see interior of the truck. Real-life speed limits in every country within the game. Follow the real-life rules if you want to drive trucks.

Yes, this is a paid game and officially available on google play store. If you want to download this game, then buy it first and install later.Q. Can I hack Truck Simulator PRO Europe?You do not need to hack any game because there are so many great sites available from where you can download hacked games. Go to these sites and search your game. Download the best mod version and start playing without any issue.Q. How many trucks are available in Truck Simulator PRO Europe?The features 8 realistic trucks which you can unlock and drive. Get these trucks and start driving the trucks with realistic controls and real-life tactics.Q. Is there any way to play Truck Simulator PRO Europe on PC?Yes, you can play android games on pc with the help of emulator. Download the best emulator in your pc and then download this game. Launch the game and start playing it on your PC. 4.36 / 5 ( 151 votes )Recommended for YouCar Simulator 2 Pro Apk

Each level is a challenge of its own. In some roads, you will have to drive through rocky and rough terrains while other levels will have city hazards that will try to get in your way. The driving experience is also completed and made real with traffic jams and vehicular accidents that can throw you off your game. You have to be a quick thinker to come up with solutions in trying to evade the hurdles without causing more damage to your surroundings. Remember, you are driving a giant truck and not a cute family car!

The levels may sound hard to pass but you do not have to worry about not completing any of them at all. The game also provides you with a free mode where you can practice and hone your skills in driving your trucks. Aside from knowing how to properly control your truck you also have to take note of the traffic rules and learn road ethics. It may just be a game, but it also applies some of the real life traffic regulations like following a stoplight and other road signs.

The truck controls are easy so you would not break a sweat driving. It gives you a realistic experience by making you tilt your handheld gadget like you would a steering wheel. You also have the option to control your truck by just pressing buttons if you want a less complicated way of driving.

Driving a heavy duty truck is a dream for every trucker and specialist drivers to become the king of the roads and routes they drive. This truck driving simulation game has various levels and is based on real truck types, start your career as an expert trucker, this heavy duty Truck Simulation in 3D will help you and make you feel like you will be driving your own huge monster trucks all around the city with realistic graphics and controls, driving these heavy duty trucks will enhance your experience with smooth drive, one important stuff is that you

It's a simulator game with real physics and gameplay, so be prepared to experience a realistic driving experience. If you don't know how to drive a truck, don't worry, there's an instruction manual and a driving guide that will help you to learn how to play.

Truck Simulator USA will bring you a team of powerful trucks from 3 major countries. Those are the US, Canada, and Mexico, countries famous for big trucks. All will be taken from the most popular designs over the years. Lots of designs and models are included here. Giving you the freedom to choose for yourself a companion is really powerful. You can also customize different colors for your car. You can earn extra income and unlock more cars. There is nothing better than owning big cars without spending a dime. Turn your garage into an awesome collection.


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