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Event Information- Camp Serranova

Friday July 19th

Early Arrival: 3:00 PM

Announcements: 9:00 PM

Gameplay Start: 9:30 PM

Saturday July 20th

Gameplay all day

6PM-8PM Dinner Break Downtime (More info below)

Sunday July 21st

Gameplay End: 12:00 PM Noon

Everyone Off-Site: 2 PM

Admission Pricing:

Adventurer: $50.00

Commoner: $20.00

Full-Time NPC: Free

Adventurer Alt: $20.00 per

Commoner Alt: $5.00 per

Extra Radiance: $10.00 (Max 4 per event)

Vendor Table: $20.00 (5x5 Space)

Premium Accommodations: TBA

We can also take cash on-site at the event

Camp Serranova, PA

Camp Address: 73 St Peters Rd, Macungie, PA 18062

Camp Serranova is in Macungie Pennsylvania- look out for the sign next to the gravel road and gate. Follow the gravel road and take the left fork until you see the buildings in the clearing.


Food & Drink:

This event does not provide food & drink (although water will be available to players), however players do have access to a fridge in the upper lodge. Additional fridge space is available in the kitchen, with approval. We just ask that everyone be respectful and considerate of the shared use. 

There is time scheduled from 6PM till 8PM on Saturday when no major events or NPC shifts will be happening for players to make and eat dinner, take a break, or leave the site to get dinner. Everyone is asked to still stay as in-character as possible and may continue roleplaying if they like. 

What to Bring:

  1. Filled-out forms (Filled out online before event or at the event):

    • New Player Form

    • Proof of COVID Vaccine Card / Form

    • Participation Waiver​

  2. Camping Supplies:

    • Sleeping gear

    • Food/Drink for the weekend

    •  Sunscreen/Bug Spray

  3. Character Garb: whatever you'd like to wear as your character

  4. NPC Shift Garb: bare simple character gear, distinct from your character (more info in rulebook)

Forms and Info

Sleeping Arrangements at Camp Serranova:

Camp Serranova has some indoor flat wooden bunks without mattresses. It is suggested that you bring some kind of pad or layered blankets to sleep on if you intend to sleep in the bunkhouse. This is a very good site for tent camping and there are also adirondack-style bunks available (3 walls, outdoors, with bunks in them). We suggest bringing a cold weather-rated sleeping bag or any other preparations you would need in case of cold weather at night.

There is a very basic kitchen at Serranova. The site is currently under a water-boiling advisory, we've been told the water is safe, but it is being recommended that any water from the site be boiled just in case before use. It may be most convenient to bring in water from off-site for drinking and cooking.

Character Creation:

Build Your Character Ahead of Time:

We now have a basic character builder available at the link below- just open the link and then save a copy of the sheet to your own drive. You won't be able to edit the sheet unless you save your own copy: 

Online Character Builder Sheet

You can send your finished sheet to and we'll prep your character card ahead of time so it's available at check-in! 

Need Help Making a Character? 

Early arrival at the Camp starts at 2PM Friday, if you'd like help building your character please plan to arrive before 7:30 announcements so that someone can assist with building your character sheet. Otherwise it may have to wait until after 8:00 PM Game Start.


Additional Help:


Alterra Core Rulebook

Lore Wiki:

Alterra Lore Wiki

World Map:

Alterra World Map

Places to Contact:

Alterra Discord

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