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What is Alterra?

Alterra was born from a desire for a live-action role-play experience that offered as much room for player agency, customization, and interpretation as possible. An ambitious undertaking in scope and vision; Alterra aims to give players of all walks a chance to create the exact character they want to be in a world where nearly anything can happen.

Events are intending to happen once a month (as of July 2022) and take place from Friday evening (circa 8pm) to Sunday afternoon (circa 12pm). The game is fully immersive and in-character from Lay-on to Lay-off, and offers a myriad of avenues for game play, such as:

  • Lightest-touch combat including archery and spell-casting.

  • A rich and in-depth crafting system.

  • A gathering system promoting world exploration.

  • A quest board for smaller scale content.

  • Multiple guilds to join, including a scholar system promoting in-game writing and submission of books.

  • A commoner system for players who want a lighter and more casual LARP experience, but still want to feel like they're part of and contributing to the overall world.

  • And much more!

One major point to know about Alterra is that game resets are intended and baked into plot occurrences. The purpose of which is to keep the game fresh and curb long term power creep and veteran godlike status. However, how and when these resets happen, and how characters can respond to them will have to be experienced for yourself. There are means to circumvent these resets; but doing so brings its own consequences- so adventurers be warned!

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