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2024 Event Dates

June 14-16th: Camp Serranova (PA)
July 19th - 21st: Camp Serranova (PA)
August 23rd - 25th: Pending Camp, Serranova or Firestone- check here for update
September 20th - 22nd: Camp Firestone
October 18th-20th: Camp Hope (NJ)

November 15th - 17th: Camp Hope (NJ)
December 20th -22nd : Camp Hope (NJ)

Alterra Larp is a monthly roleplaying game played at various PA/NJ/NY camps. Occasionally we will have VTT (Virtual Tabletop) games in place of regular events. The camps we have played at are in northeast Pennsylvania as well as northwest New Jersey. Check our calendar of events regularly for updates and logistical info!

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