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The Adventure Continues!

Welcome to the world of Alterra! Alterra is a medieval high-fantasy live-action role-playing game based on player agency and immersion at its core. It aims to offer a deep, rich world where players can become the type of character they want to be and experience the ongoing stories unfolding around them in whatever manner they desire.


Alterra is the brainchild of Robert Davis, who has been developing Alterra since 2018. After four years of development, multiple alpha and beta events, and countless words of content written, I am excited to bring this world to all of you.


This Patreon is a rewarded program to help me reach my financial goals for a successful start to the game. Whatever level you contribute, I appreciate your support and am thrilled that you've decided to join this effort and be part of this dream.




Robert Davis

Director of Alterra LARP

Introduction to the World of Alterra


A mere 20 years ago, beautiful talismans made of crystal and stone, emblazoned with strange runic symbols were unearthed. Shortly thereafter, as fate would see fit, texts containing limited knowledge of these charms- known as Glyphs- would be discovered as well.


With the discovery of the art of Attunement, the various races of Alterra have sought out more and more of these wondrous Glyphs, seeking to grow in power and unlock even more untold secrets. For when Attuned and bound to one's soul, Glyphs grant the wielder outstanding powers unlike anything seen before.


What exactly are these Glyphs? How did they come to be? Who recorded these volumes of knowledge pertaining to them? And above all else, what is their purpose? Regardless of the answers to these and many other questions, the fact remains that Glyphs are becoming an increasingly impactful aspect of life for the denizens of Alterra. 


The path ahead of you is filled with more wonder and danger than ever before, and while where it may lead is clouded in uncertainty, it is up to you to muster the courage to see it through.

Design and Business Philosophy

The systems and structure of Alterra across the board are intended to be highly fluid to allow players to play and be who they want to be. Player Agency is the reason Alterra is what it is and why it is broad in its scope and depth. The way I have frequently stated this is “If there was no plot or combat in a weekend, is there enough to do in Alterra where you would feel like you had a fulfilling weekend?” My goal is to make sure that is a reality so the world has the depth to feel truly immersive.


If you’ve chosen to be a player or invest into Alterra, I want you to know I value that trust immensely and whether its how I operate the business end, or how I conduct the actual game play, I want you to trust that it is money well spent and that you will get a quality experience. At the end of the day, my goal with Alterra is to give people an escape from the mundane and stories they can live and share for years to come.

Thank you again for believing in this game and my dream. I am excited to bring you the world of Alterra and have you be a part of this community.

-Robert Davis

Director of Alterra LARP

How to Donate


Donations have an a-la Carte option. You may purchase multi-event discount passes, Alterra merchandise, and even some special packages! Please submit the form and then donate the appropriate amount in order to participate. Any questions please email Rob at or on discord (Selphatos#4261).

  1. Fill out the form below or Click here for standalone form

  2. Donate your intended amount on the GoFundMe page. Direct link.

  3. You should receive a confirmation about the Form as well as the GoFundMe donation. 

  4. We will hopefully see you soon when we launch! Be sure to connect with us on Discord and Facebook to stay in the loop on the details of the game.

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