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Christopher Harrington

Download Geckolib (Important) Here |LINK|

The first thing you will need to install is Blockbench. Blockbench is a 3D modeling program aimed towards blockier, Minecraft-style creations, and it is completely free. Without Blockbench, you will not be able to use this plugin, and I'll explain why in a bit. To install Blockbench, simply download the latest release from here and follow the installation wizard. To get the max performance out of the old plugin, download the 3.6.6 release from here, and install it normally. (You can have multiple versions of Blockbench installed, no un-installation required!)

Download Geckolib (Important) Here

But you aren't ready to create animations yet! First, you need to install the GeckoLib plugin to Blockbench. To do this, open up Blockbench to the startup page. From there, navigate to Filter -> Plugins. This will open up a menu labeling all your installed and available plugins. Click on the "available" tab and scroll down until you see the GeckoLib Animation Utils option. Hit install, and you're ready to animate! (This method is outdated, download the plugin from the link below)

To load the old Geckolib plugin, download it from here. Make sure you don't rename it! Next, go to the plugin menu in Blockbench, hit "Load plugin from file." Select the file from where you downloaded it to and and click "open". Accept the confirmation message and the plugin should be installed!

This section will teach you how to install the plugin to MCreator. First, go to this page for the latest download, or this one for a direct download to the current one. Once downloaded, make sure it's in zip file format, and save it to wherever you want! Alright, now you can open up MCreator. Open the workspace you want to add the plugin to first. Then, navigate to File -> Preferences -> Manage Plugins. Here, you should click the "Load plugin..." button. Navigate to where you saved the downloaded zip, and select it. Hit "Save" and let it load.

1. Correct version for all downloads. Make sure that you download all the right versions for the software listed here. Other versions may not be compatible with each other and might lead to crashes. Here is a list of the correct versions:

In this folder, you will see a versions folder. Open that, and there will be all of the Minecraft versions you have downloaded locally. Right-click and delete any Forge versions here to complete uninstall Forge from your computer. 041b061a72


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