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Alterra: Summit Formal 

General Information

  • Alterra: Summit is our second formal evening event and will be an evening event instead of our standard weekend-long event. 

  • This event is a potluck-style feast and we are asking all prospective attendees to please RSVP ahead of time due to the nature of the event (more information below). 

  • RSVPs can be sent to or to Rob (Selphatos) on the Alterra discord- please include any dietary restrictions or allergies (if applicable) in your RSVP message.

Admission Pricing:

Adventurer: $50.00

Commoner: $20.00

Full-Time NPC: Free

Adventurer Alt: $20.00 per

Commoner Alt: $5.00 per

Extra Radiance: $10.00 (Max 4 per event)

Vendor Table: $20.00 (5x5 Space)

We can also take cash on-site at the event

Event Schedule:

Saturday May 18th

Early Venue Arrival: 5:45 PM

Gameplay Start: 6:00 PM

Event End: 11:00 PM

Dress Code:

This event is a formal event in-game and formal dress is encouraged, but if you are unable to get formal gear together or your character wouldn't dress up please feel free to wear your regular garb (or whatever would be appropriate for you). We are checking to confirm if clothing rental or purchase will be available at the site and that will be updated here.

Event Location: Moresca Clothing & Costumes

Event Hall Address: 361 Union Center Road, Ulster Park

NY 12487

Address Note: This event hall is down a long driveway next to the train tracks. Parking will be in front of the building and potentially along the driveway leading to the building.

Food & Drink:

This event is a potluck-style feast and we are keeping a running list of foods that people are planning to bring. If you plan to bring food or drink please include it in your RSVP message- we can also let you know what we have on the current list if you want to double check. 

As a secondary note, if you're able, please consider bringing a list of the ingredients (possibly with brands) along with your dish. This is in consideration of Alterrans with dietary restrictions and allergies. It's an appreciated kindness!  

A running list of foods is currently being kept in our discord announcement page- but we can provide this information upon request or private message.

Healthy Loaf of Bread

Sleeping Arrangements:

We have had a very generous offer from a couple of Alterrans who are local to this event to allow people to arrive early to get ready and camp on their land if they need a place to stay overnight after the event is over. 

They are allowing campers to come as early as 10 am on Saturday the 20th (the day of the event) and are asking that everyone be off the grounds no later than noon on Sunday the 21st. 

If you would like to camp the address is: 18 Meadow Dr Red Hook NY, 12571

If you plan on taking up this option you will have to provide your own tent and sleeping gear, or coordinate sharing with another Alterran (we have resources for this on the discord). 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out!


Contact us at the Alterra discord or and we can provide more detail.



Please note that this is their home and we ask that you treat their hospitality with respect and consideration. Keep things clean and treat their property as you would want others to treat something of yours. 

Additional Help:


Alterra Core Rulebook

Lore Wiki:

Alterra Lore Wiki

World Map:

Alterra World Map

Places to Contact:

Alterra Discord

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