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Image by Olga Thelavart

What is Alterra VTT? 

Alterra VTT (Virtual Tabletop) is an online, Dungeons and Dragons-esque experience. It allows players to see places and engage in stories outside the realm of whats possible at Live Game. Using the Foundry VTT website as a host, a party of characters will be able to see hand crafted maps, and use a slightly modified version of the Alterra rules to overcome obstacles and enemies. These online tabletop games are canon, occur between Live Game events, and will be a means for players to progress both their characters, their stories, and their bonds with others in the world of Alterra!

Image by Olga Thelavart


VTT Dragonboi.png

Beta (before full live launch) Alterra VTT is completely free since stories are the only content rolling into the live game. $5.00 to participate after launch.


Alterra VTT games will be ran once a month.

Once we launch, you can optionally pay to gain radiance for your PC at a

rate of $10/Radiance up to a maximum of +3 Radiance. This means you can

receive a maximum of +11 Radiance per month total!


Main Event Purchase: +4 for Attending Alterra Larp as a PC

Event Optional Purchase : +4 Radiance ($10 per 1 Radiance) at LARP event

VTT Optional Purchase: +3 Radiance ($10 per 1 Radiance) from Alterra VTT


Clarification Note: If you decide to pay $10 for at least 1 Radiance gain, your $5 fee to attend is included in this cost. Further details coming closer to main game launch.

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